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This is DIY archiving

A truly collaborative project with no ownership by any one person or institution.

In 2009, over 850 canisters of film were discovered in Amman, Jordan. We are asking for help translating the labels of each canister so we can determine the contents of the collection.

Fusing cutting-edge preservation techniques with Do-It-Yourself inspired crowd-sourcing, this project aims to create a collaborative community of experts, enthusiasts and general public who believe this collection of films is of significant value to Jordan, the region, and the international community.

Thus far, we have only been able to digitize 10 of these reels. In this small sample, significant discoveries were made, including:

If we can get these labels translated, we will be in a much better position to assess the collection and plan accordingly how to proceed. Eventually, we hope to digitize as much as we can and make the films available via an interactive database.

We are happy you found us and hope you will contribute by taking a few moments to explore the collection and translating anything you can. If you cannot translate but still want to be involved, please contact us!

The collection as found in Amman, Jordan in early 2010.


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